Our Vision

Creative Callings, a collaborative, innovative, and prophetic endeavor.


Collaboration and Innovation 


In a time when people are pulled in so many conflicting directions, congregations and their members often struggle to find meaning and purpose in their lives.  Many people and communities seek the wisdom to know how they are called to live faithfully in their own unique contexts. They may grapple with questions of identity, vocation, and relationships. Congregational leadership might want to provide resources to address these questions, but do not know where to begin.


To this end, the Center for Practical Theology at Boston University School of Theology and the Creative Callings Innovation Hub bring together ordained and lay leaders from congregations and faculty and students from Boston University School of Theology.  The project will facilitate conversation, learning, and creativity through the establishment of the Creative Callings Innovation Hub.

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Through webinars, conferences, and other resources, the learning hub will partner with these congregations as they embark on designing new ministries that provide spaces for congregations and their members to think innovatively about calling, vocation, and what it means to live lives of meaning and purpose.

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The Creative Callings Innovation Hub provides opportunities for Boston University School of Theology to think innovatively about its own identity as a center for pastoral and scholarly training. As the congregations consider the wisdom that emerges through this project, they will share their learning with us and congregations more broadly, helping shape the curriculum and future pastoral leaders and scholars.