To journey with us is to…


Strengthen your congregation

Listen in new ways to stories of calling.

Connect with community of partner congregations, theologians, and students to address local needs in contextually relevant ways.

Learn skills for reading your congregations and evaluating and sustaining ministries.

Foster theological reflection, articulation, contextual exploration, and study of Christian calling within and among congregations, with attention to individual and congregational calling.


Create your own project/Ministry

Imagine new possibilities to support callings in your own communities and contexts.

Receive time, space, and resources to think creatively and reflect prayerfully.

Envision new and creative ministries that support vocational discernment and living, individually and communally.

Receive support for the launching, testing, and refining of innovative ministries designed to support lives of meaning and purpose.

Sustain creative ministries with grant funding.



Meet theologians and church leaders who are passionate about calling and congregational life.

Participate in a collaborative effort involving faculty across several disciplines, it will focus on both communal and personal dimensions of calling.

Gather at two annual “Innovation Hub” events  at Boston University School of Theology.

Connect virtually and in person between meetings with a vibrant group of congregations for mutual support and learning. 

 Find new resources

Learn about new horizons in the conversation about calling, vocation, and congregational life.

Discover up-to-date literature that can support your congregation as it thinks deeply about individual and communal calling.

Cultivate supportive relationships with scholars, congregations, and leaders as you consider the call to a life of meaning and purpose in your own congregation.

Additionally, partner congregations will gain access to a unique online collection of resources on calling/vocational for persons and congregations. 


Deepen your understanding of vocation

Through learning and collaborative experiences at the innovation hub events and cluster meetings partner congregations will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of calling in congregational and individual lives. 

Faculty will offer wisdom from their own research, including: Christian traditions and practices of discernment; vocation, family, and work; vocations for addressing racism and intercultural competence; gender and vocation; aesthetic and narrative theological reflection to explore vocation;  calling/vocation and church renewal; evangelism and discipleship in post-Christian cultural contexts; innovative ministry in traditional churches; adult spiritual formation and equipping leaders for ministry in a post-Christian world; exploring the connection between eco-spirituality and sustainability practices in Christian communities.

Renew your sense of calling and cultivate a prophetic voice

Set aside time and space to listen to God's call in your life and community.

Explore spiritual practices like life-writing, art, lectio (and visio) divina, spiritual direction, and discernment.

Consider the ways God is calling your congregation to have a prophetic voice from your own contexts.

As “The School of the Prophets”, we see a correlation between the call to live lives of meaning and purpose is intimately connected to the call to prophetic witness in the contemporary context.